Workshop: 24-26 February 2022
Department of Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies

Vienna and Thessaloniki are cities heavily laden with profound, diverse and heterogeneous Jewish pasts and histories. Their Jewish communities played crucial roles in the cultural, commercial and urban life of these cities as well as the wider imperial states to which they belonged. They have not however been studied in a comparative way. The international workshop “Vienna and Thessaloniki. Two cities and their Jewish histories” thus seeks to capture, and reflect on, the multiple ways in which the Jewish histories of these two multi-ethnic and multi-confessional cities are interconnected and entangled. By bringing together emerging and established scholars this workshop offers not only an opportunity for dialogue on these histories but also aims to provide greater visibility for them.



Organisatoren: Nathalie Soursos und Dimitrios VarvaritisVenue: Department of Byzantine and Neoellenic Studies, Seminarraum, Augasse 2-6, 1090 Wien