NEUERSCHEINUNG: Coming of Age in Byzantium


Herausgeber: Despoina ARIANTZI 

The various phases of life and their manifestations in theory and social reality
constitute a well-established area of research in the fields of western medieval
studies and ancient history. In this respect the Byzantine East has been widely
neglected. This volume will focus on the Byzantine experience of adolescence,
which may be defined as the biological transition from childhood to adulthood
as well as the social and psychological experience of leaving the care of parents,
guardians and family groups and the gradual integration into adult society. The
contributions gathered therein treat seven subtopics that correspond to crucial
questions in the cunent research on adolescence: the legal status of adolescents;
the mechanisms of transition from childhood to adolescence; the socialisation
and gradual integration into adult society; adolescents in Byzantine art;
psychological aspects of adolescence from medieval to modern times; illnesses
of adolescents; adolescents in the western medieval world.The focus is on the
Middle and Late Byzantine Period, where historical, hagiographical,legal and
medical sources offer rich material for an investigation of these aspects. The
book contributes to a better understanding of all these questions and to show
future trajectories for research.

Millennium-Studien / Millennium
Studies 69
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Historische Epochen - Byzantinistik
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